A first collective step taken for territorial dialogue in Chénérailles

The first meeting with local stakeholders was held on 17th of June 2021 in the Chénérailles municipal council chamber. Six interest groups were present, represented by seven participants. This first step marks the beginning of the co-construction phase, which will take place over three meetings in total and whose objective is to define the specifications for the efficient renovation of the Chénérailles building, in order to make it a place dedicated to children/youth. During this first meeting, participants were invited to share in detail their needs and perceptions of the project. Among these needs, we find the need to complete the children/youth offer of the territory of the community of communes of Marches et Combrailles in Aquitaine thanks to this building; the interest to have a modular building to adapt to the strong variations of the age groups of the children welcomed from one year to another; to make the building a tool for the attractiveness of the territory, as well for the youth as for the parents wishing to settle. Several associations from the region, as well as state services, participated alongside the local authority in order to carry out these initial discussions.