3.1.1/ Building of the Building Information Modelling 3D models

The second pillar of the COLEOPTER approach is the use of BIM as a collaborative tool. Thus, the first step was to build the 3D BIM models before they could be used as collaborative tools (and much more). The building of Tallante (Cartagena, Spain) and the building of Povoa de Lanhoso (Portugal) have been digitalized as BIM models. The building in Chambon sur Voueize being a new building could not build an initial model before the collective work. The technical partner CETENMA supported the other partners in the description of specifications in order to recruit a BIM manager and build the 3D models. The initial BIM models (buildings as they were before the collective work shaping the renovation) have then been uploaded on a collaborative platform for more interaction.

The documents are available in Spanish and Portuguese for each demonstrator respectively.

Access to the description of the Spanish 3D model: Read onlineDownload PDF
Access to the description of the Portugese 3D model: Read onlineDownload PDF