Chambon-sur-Voueize: the co-construction of the children and youth building project has begun in France

This Friday, March 19, the first meeting between local actors was held.

Because of the pandemic, this exchange took place online, with 10 participants representing the different interest groups surrounding the project of the new building of Chambon-sur-Voueize: the municipality, the Community of Communes Creuse-Confluence, the association “les bambis”, the Family Allowance Fund, the Maternal and Child Protection as well as the Departmental Services of the National Education. The discussion began with a presentation of the building currently used for the child and youth care center in the municipality, with details on its energy efficiency and the need to move towards a new construction. Based on this observation, the participants were invited to express their needs as users of the building. This work constitutes a first step in the co-construction process, and must be specified during two other meetings aiming at producing a list of concrete recommendations for the construction of the building but also the pedagogical project which will be associated to it.