COLEOPTER at the Covenant of Mayors in Spain

CETENMA participates in a Peer Learning Programme, in the framework of Covenant of Mayors, as a technical assistance of Alcantarilla City Council, in the field of sustainable mobility. This program consists of three sessions, the first of which was held in online format, on July 6, 2021. The first session was dedicated to exploring participants’ needs and project scoping. Participants explored with experts and their peers the following questions: what problems need solving? What has already been done and what is needed? Where and how to start? Who will be involved? Some of the problems described focus on knowing what the citizens’ needs were, so CETENMA shared with the other 10 municipalities, the experience of the Territorial Dialogue of COLEOPTER project as an example of a concertation procedure, which can be used to implement successfully a mobility plan in a specific area.