Pilot Cases

Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra
Prat Gran pavilion in Escaldes-Engordany
In order to ensure the transferability of the COLEOPTER approach, a transfer case study will be made. The selected building, located in the heart of Escaldes-Engordany, is the Prat Gran pavilion.
Chambon sur Voueize, France
Chambon sur Voueize Daycare
The current daycare of Chambon sur Voueize is in such bad shape that a new one has to be buit in order to welcome the kids of the village (around 1,000 inhabitants) and of the surrounding villages of the association of communities Creuse Confluence, located in the East of the Creuse department, France.
Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal
Sports pavilion of Póvoa de Lanhoso High School
The sports pavillion of Póvoa de Lanhoso high school is the case study of northern Portugal.
Chénérailles, France
Chénérailles Daycare
The daycare of Chénérailles is located in the Eastern part of the Creuse department in France. The village counts around 800 inhabitants and is part of the broader association of Communities Marche et Combraille en Aquitaine.
Tallante, Spain
Tallante Recreation center
The building of Tallante is located in the surroundings of Cartagena, Spain, in a very rural area. It is composed of two main parts and outdoor spaces that used to host youngsters during the holidays.