COLEOPTER presents the execution project of the Cartagena pilot building to the Monitoring Committee

On February 18, the first meeting of the monitoring committee for the rehabilitation of Tallante building was held, organized by the Cartagena City Council and CETENMA, with the participation of 17 people, most of them part of the Territorial Dialogue participation group.

The execution project is now complete and ready to start the procurement phase for the works, focused on the new uses defined in the Territorial Dialogue process, the refurbishment of the building with sustainability criteria and its adaptation to the new accessibility regulations.

The lighting will be LED technology, the windows will be made of aluminum with a thermal bridge break, and it will also have a photovoltaic installation connected to the network that will supply green energy. All these characteristics will allow obtaining a final energy rating of “B”. Elements of the traditional construction of the area will be maintained, such as the floor and the roof.

The participants once again approached the BIM model of the building, a tool that has been very useful in drafting the execution project.

The project monitoring committee will remain informed of all the progress that is taking place in relation to the execution of the works by email, and through a future meeting.