COLEOPTER promotes training in a new approach to energy rehabilitation projects

In the final step of the Interreg Sudoe COLEOPTER project, and with the experience acquired during the development of the pilot buildings, CETENMA together with the Cartagena city council, has offered a technical seminar on the methodology used in the project for the energy rehabilitation of public buildings. The event took place on December 15 in the conference room of the Cartagena Artillery Park, and brought together 14 people, including municipal technicians, environmental and business associations. It was inaugurated by the Councilor for Sustainable City and European Projects of the City Council. from Cartagena, Cristina Mora Menendez de la Vega, very involved in the project since the beginning. COLEOPTER proposes an integrated approach to energy renovation in public buildings located in rural communities, allowing results beyond conventional rehabilitation and increasing their local impact.

This approach is based on three pillars:

  1. Energy-water audit: water efficiency issues are addressed along with energy challenges in the rehabilitation of the building.
  2. Territorial Dialogue: Collective participation process in which the future users of the building co-construct the rehabilitation and plan of use of the building.
  3. BIM collaborative platform: Tool that facilitates the understanding of the building to be rehabilitated by the participants, by navigating the three-dimensional virtual model of the building, as well as allowing the introduction of comments on the elements.

The seminar ended with a joint reflection on the success factors and barriers detected in the proposed methodology.