Initial capitalization report: Innovative approaches of energy in Sudoe

This capitalization report focuses on innovative energy efficiency approaches in buildings developed in the South Western part of Europe (Sudoe) and beyond. It offers a collection of innovative ways to tackle the energy efficiency challenges in public and private buildings and of the lessons learned from these experiences.

Key indicators have been defined in order to compare the results of the different projects presented in the report. These indicators reflect the technical, environmental, social and political aspects of the energy efficiency projects considered, including investment, governance model and savings. Learnings from transnational cooperation are also collected in the case of cooperation projects.

Learning from good and bad experiences is crucial if we want to avoid making the same mistakes and to optimize the solutions that proved their relevance. This report is meant to capitalize on existing energy efficiency approaches in order to maximize the impact of such projects. It will be used primarily to prepare for the implementation of our project, COLEOPTER, with the aim of being a useful resource for any other project leader interested in the subject. It explores the challenges encountered in other projects regarding energy and water efficiency approaches, and the use of BIM and consensus building processes in efficiency projects.