Third and final collective meeting in Cartagena for the co-construction of the plan of use and specifications for the building of Tallante

On March 10th 2021, the participants of the dialogue group met for the third time in order to finalize the expected products of the dialogue process.

In the case of the demonstrator building of Cartagena, two products were expected: a plan of use describing the uses of the building after its rehabilitation and the rehabilitation specifications through the BIM model. After the 2 hours meeting, most of the elements regarding use and the involvement of local groups for the maintenance and management of activities were defined, and the scenario of use was implemented on the BIM platform to which participants reacted. The BIM platform will remain open a few extra days to give an opportunity to the people who could not attend to add their comments. The final products will be prepared by the facilitators from what was discussed and decided during the meeting and sent to all participants before being given for approval to the dialogue steering committee. The dialogue process in Cartagena is the first one to reach its end and in order to keep up the involvement of local groups, a monitoring committee will be designed to follow-up the construction phase. Great work to all the participants and facilitators!