Third collective meeting of the Territorial Dialogue in Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

The third and last collective meeting with the stakeholders involved in the territorial dialogue of the Escaldes-Engordany case study took place last 7th of June. As in the two previous meetings, the session was held in the main hall of the Prat Gran Pavilion and was attended by city council members, sports clubs that use the pavilion, as well as experts in BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Thanks to the BIM model and the information provided by the consulted technicians and experts, it was possible to draw up a list of priority actions for the refurbishment of the pavilion that will be presented to the Escaldes-Engordany city council. The solutions proposed by the dialogue group to be considered in future refurbishments of the pavilion are listed below:

  • Adjustment of temperature regulation.
    • Installation of photovoltaic panels.
    • Installation of translucent vinyl on the west façade.
    • Redistribution of the changing rooms.
    • Changes in the management of reservations.
    • Separation of the sports court into three spaces.
    • Include two parking spaces in the pavilion reservation.

From the facilitating group, we would like to thank all the participants in the territorial dialogue for their involvement and dedication to the project!