Water-energy audits in the Sports Pavilion in Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal

The Sports Pavilion of the Póvoa de Lanhoso Secondary School has already undergone a water and energy audit, within the scope of the COLEOPTER project – Local Concertation to Optimize Territorial Policies for Rural Energy.
This sports equipment is the pilot building, in Portugal, for the implementation of an innovative audit methodology that combines the energy and water components, the construction of a BIM model [Building Information Modeling] and consensus-building with local stakeholders impacted by the project on the building.
On the 3rd and 4th of December, a collaborator from ADENE – Agência para a Energia, carried out, with the support of the Municipality of Póvoa de Lanhoso and the Secondary School, the water and energy audit of the Sports Pavilion.

In addition to the characterization and diagnosis of the current situation, this work will result in an intervention proposal that aims at rationalizing the existing consumptions and thus promote the energy and water efficiency of this equipment. These proposals, as well as the BIM model that will be built, will be subsequently analyzed and discussed with stakeholders, thus giving rise to what will become the intervention project to be carried out in the building. The Póvoa de Lanhoso Secondary School Pavilion is used not only by the school community, but also by the community in general.